the china beast

thechinabeast-3-blogOne of the purposes of photography, at least for me, is to reduce the acquisition of random objects, particularly those I am tempted to buy purely because I want to draw them or put them in a story somehow.  When these objects are both expensive and fragile, the incentive to just take a picture instead is even higher.

Which brings us to this china beast, which I saw at the antique and vintage object sale this past weekend.  It is a most elegant china beast, seemingly equal parts fox and corgi and Egyptian style jackal, and it will surprise exactly no one that I coveted it immediately and intensely.  If my beast had been on offer cheap at a garage sale, or if it had been made of wood or plastic or some other durable material, I doubt I would have been able to resist it.  But this china beast is made of fine porcelain, with a price tag to match. I knew it would be wisest to leave it where it was rather than let it clutter up the studio, fill me with buyers’ remorse,  and in due time leave a fragment of my heart in bits alongside it when it met with some kind of mishap.

So farewell, china beast.  I miss you rather more than I thought I would, in spite of the photographs.  How does a missed opportunity to own a wonderful china beast weigh against an image and a wise choice?thechinabeast1-blog

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2 Responses to the china beast

  1. sanseilife says:

    A regal animal. I love the way the front paws cross. Did you give him or her a name?

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    Yes, it’s a gorgeous sculpt and very well imagined. If you know any tall dogs, greyhounds and the like, they often sit like that, with their front paws crossed. As for a name, I am old enough and wise enough by now not to name things that don’t belong to me yet. I’m sure if I had bought the china beast, it would have acquired a name eventually.

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