best of the drawing of the day, week 150: lenny

drawingoftheday-week-150-lennyAnd here’s Lenny! This is the finished version of the penciled drawing I posted yesterday … just scroll down.  As you see, correcting the serious faults in the structure of the face (well, mostly correcting– the drawing still has problems) required taking the pencils down a long way.  And, as often happens when you aren’t drawing a specific character, when I built them back up, a slightly different person emerged. Instead of the intellectual type in the first version, we ended up with a rather arty looking boy and his funky cool pet.  Lenny, on the other hand, is a strongwilled guy and ended up looking pretty much the same as he did in the pencils.

Plus, I thought up a story fragment/personal statement to go with it, so it did turn out to be a Pretty Good Dragon.  The text is just written down rather than lettered properly, so it’s cool if you can’t read it.  The boy is saying “I can’t pronounce what kind he is, but it translates a “White Feather Shield”.  We just call him Lenny.  I’m in art school and Lenny’s posed for a lot of tattoos.”

I just decided as a reread the words that although in my mind the boy is definitely an art student (black turtleneck and trendy haircut!) he just as definitely would not say it.  I think in the finished version of this drawing I will add a tattoo showing above the collar of the shirt, and leave the question of whether he is an art student, a tattoo enthusiast or both up to the viewer.

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