accomplishing the possum impossible

Tumblr Sunday is Pinterest* Sunday this week–maybe it’s time to start calling it One Cool Image from the Visual Networks of the Internet Sunday.

The animals of Kekionga include all of the fauna of regular Indiana plus some extras, and we’ve already established the presence of the opossum in Kekionga’s “homemade folklore” with the charming  Christmas legend of the Possum Lady.

But the possum, to anyone who’s met one even casually in the yard at night, is a moderately terrifying beast.  I plan to play that up in all my possum characters. This photographer has succeeded in doing the impossible by making his or her possum subject freakin’ adorable.  Look at its little ears! They look like raisins.18a6774ea00a137980f4e8731595759d

(I’m “blackberry fox” on Pinterest, where I maintain boards on a wide variety of subjects, from doors to cars to airplanes to informative charts, plus fan stuff and funny stuff and several art, design, and photography boards.)

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4 Responses to accomplishing the possum impossible

  1. Rick Santman says:

    It somehow amuses me that Playing Possum isn’t a thing anymore.

    In days past, when opossums were threatened they had the equivalent of a hysterical fit and flopped over inert, hence the phrase. Somehow this was a survival trait.

    A hundred years plus of automobiles has squashed the opossums that had that trait pretty much out of existence, and a threatened opossum these days will hiss and bite, or gallop away from the danger.

    Anecdotally, I see much less opossum roadkill these days than I did as a teenager and adult.

    Evolution in action.

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    Sorry Rickster, but I don’t think this is entirely true. Modern possums may hiss and gallop– I’ve certainly seen both behaviors recently. But when they are cornered by a predator at least some of them will still freeze up in the classic manner. It’s happened as recently as within four or five years right here at the house. Flood lights go on to reveal a startled possum in middle of the yard. Corgis charge out barking their fool heads off, possum runs toward wall of the garage, finds himself without options and faints, corgis approach seeming corpse with trepidation, then chicken out and allow themselves to be wrangled into the house. Human goes back out in a half hour and the possum is gone.

    I’ve also seen them stand on the fence and hiss, and of course run away as described. But they will still play dead, and I’ve seen plenty of roadkill. I will agree perhaps less than twenty years ago. Deer and raccoons are the most common current victims, along with a disturbing number of owls of all things. A very sad sight.

  3. Rick Santman says:

    Could be, could be. I dare say there are still pockets here and there of traditional ‘possum behavior, especially where there isn’t as much traffic. But southern and southeast Michigan is built up along the I-94 corridor long deep and continuous, and that’s where the bulk of my driving is done. Plenty of traffic would accelerate the process much more than areas with more woods and farmland.

  4. Wolfie says:

    “Accomplishing the Im-possum-ble”

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