best of the drawing of the day, week 151: my pal the star trek alien

drawingoftheday-week151-startrekalienThat’s the Star Trek alien on the left, so the speaker is either the person in the striped sweater or the white Furry Snake Thing.  It’s an interesting question, but secondary to the idea that it would be fun to draw a series of Star Trek aliens.

Star Trek aliens are, of course, aliens designed as a more or less endless series of variations of the baseline human norm, each variation being slight enough to be simulated by the modest technical capacity of a low budget network TV show in the mid 20th century.  This convention was based on simple necessity, but if you view it through a lens of classic science fiction, the Star Trek universe becomes a Precursor universe, one where the inhabitants of all those worlds, Earth among them, are the descendants of a previous race. This explains their basic similarity of structure, and (to some extent) culture.   Star Trek never explored this idea directly, but it’s the only explanation for all those makeup chair aliens that ever made sense to me.  Not that they need explaining, since Star Trek, for all its charms, is pretty slapdash science fiction.

But Precursor universes are lots of fun.  I wonder if I could make one in my sketchbooks.

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