flowers for the season

hellebore1-blogIt is spring at last, so let’s celebrate with one of the earliest serious flowers: the hellebore or Lenten rose, so called because it usually blooms before Easter.  These are right on schedule.  hellebore5-cropNote that although it’s called the Lenten rose, the hellebore is actually a member of the ranunculus family, like a buttercup. (Roses are brambles and are related to plants like raspberries and blackberries.) *  Regardless of the botanical details, the down-to-earth hellebore color scheme of white, cream, shades of green and brownish pinks and purples is perhaps more appropriate to the season as it is actually experienced than a range of candy pastels. A hellebore is a wonderful plant to photograph, but I am sorry to admit that I cheated a bit– these hellebore plants were not blooming in some sheltered woodland or well-mulched garden, but rather in the fresh flower department at Trader Joe’s.  Keen observers will see a few bits of cellophane I was unable to crop out.hellebore2-crop-blog*Hope you don’t find this helleboring!

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