things to think about: the multiverse

It’s no secret that I’m wrangling a multiverse here: it’s called the Knotted Rope and it’s much less scientific than, well, folkloric (if that’s even a word outside the late lamented Car Talk).  I’ve never been too concerned about how it all works.  The vast majority of it is a hand-wavy “out there somewhere”. I concern myself primarily with the particular timestream that holds Kekionga, with the cockeyed, collective unconscious-style “spirit plane” the whole Knotted Rope shares, which we call, creatively, The Other Place, and with a couple of other settings you see mostly in the sketchbooks at this point.   I do know a few things about the rest of it, and it’s a pretty big rest of it, though it exists for me primarily as a source of story ideas.  And story ideas for sub plots at that.

But even worldbuilders of a quotidian bent sometimes enjoy stretching their brains to fit some of the bigger ideas that underlie the multiverse concept, and this post on today’s io9 is full of opportunities for mental yoga.  I’ve been thinking about this stuff all day.  Don’t take the title too seriously– these aren’t necessarily “weird” implications of the many worlds interpretation.  I think they are pretty natural conclusions to draw if you are willing to accept (even if just for the sake of argument) that you live in a multiverse.  Plus there are interesting links and some pretty illustrations, though none of them look as good as the Knotted Rope does in my mind.

Finally, don’t assume that in recommending this I am endorsing the physics.  Quantum physics as applied to the real world does not agree with me– where I live it’s all nicely Newtonian and that’s the way I like it!

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