farewell to top gear

Unless you have been living under a rock with no internet connection, have no interest in cars or British TV shows, or all three, it won’t be news to you that Jeremy Clarkson has been fired from Top Gear,  that James May and Richard Hammond have said they won’t continue without him, and that the show as we know it is no more.  (If you hadn’t heard, sorry to have to break it to you.)

Obviously, this is sad news, but please don’t add me to the list of people who think Clarkson should be given another chance.  Granted, he has always been an edgy performer with more than a bit of a temper.  That’s why we like him so much.  And we’ve been hearing for a while that his off camera rants and tantrums have been getting more extreme.  But yelling and (highly) questionable remarks are one thing and *punching a long time co-worker in the face* is another.  I don’t care how big a star you are, or how popular your TV program is, or even how entertaining I personally find your work– if you punch somebody in the face at work, you should get fired.

All good things must come to an end, and I’m not the only person who thought the show had lost a step in the last few seasons. There were still brilliant moments, and Top Gear was always worth watching,  but you couldn’t help wondering how much longer it could go on.  That question has been answered, and no matter how unfortunate the circumstances were, they weren’t boring.  And on that bombshell, we say goodbye to our favorite television show.



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