best of the drawing of the day, week 152: my sidekick

drawingoftheday-week152-sidekick“My sidekick is unsubtle and wears an oddly colorful uniform.”

You should talk, dude.  You are a sphinx.  That will stand out in a crowd in most neighborhoods.

One of the conventions of the superhero genre is that if a partnership is made up of a baseline human and someone of a variant body type, the baseliner is always the hero and the other guy is automatically the sidekick.  In sketchbook world, this isn’t always the case.  The older, wiser, and yes, more subtle lead partner here is definitely the sphinx.  The kid seems to have taken their badge a bit too literally and worked it into a full fledged supercostume.

Or maybe that’s the standard uniform for all baseline types and the sphinx, sasquatches, mammoths, etc.  just count themselves lucky to be able to avoid it for cultural reasons.  Can’t you just hear this guy intoning “It is not the custom of my people to wear clothing” like some kind of furry Vulcan?  Of course it’s probably not the custom of his people to grow little hipster soul patch beards either, but we’ll let that slide.

(The gloves, apparently, are not optional.)

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