about yesterday’s matchbox label

Yesterday’s very mild April Fool (sorry, I don’t do pranks) was my first attempt to make a pastiche Japanese matchbox label image out of one of my sketches.  I actually have a whole list of possible labels featuring the Kekionga cast and settings, and if nothing else I think the test proves that the finished versions will be pretty entertaining.  The key line art for the “real” labels will have to be more detailed and yes, the “real” drawing will have to be, you know, actually straight, as in “drawn with an actual ruler”.  Can do.  I have a ruler.  Somewhere.

Here is the key line for the Book Wolf test label, from my Drawing of the Day sketchbook. bookwolfkeyline-greyscale-blog And this is the color chart, with colors pulled out of some of the sample labels in my collection. The paper colors are on the left, the various shades of vermilion red are in the center, and the sepias on the right are the actual shades of the labels’ blacks.  I make these charts for all my coloring projects– the blank is a calendar page I got off a free site somewhere; I think it was for school teachers.  I just pick up my colors with the eyedropper and fill the squares with the paint bucket, then title it with the mouse and the color replacer tool  If you want to try making your own matchbook labels, feel free to borrow it.japanesematchboxlabel color chart

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