you can help write a minicomic– live!

In case you missed the previous announcement, Minicomics Live! returns to this blog next week.  Starting on Monday, I will be making an entire minicomic, from original idea to finished pages, live on the web.  The goal is to finish on Friday, so we’re talking about 5 days of liveblogging comics fun.

And you can help.  I want to be honest about this and not think up the story ahead of time, so I’ll be looking for random “story seeds” I’ve never thought of before.  And the best way to get that is to ask other people to think them up.  By “other people”, I mean you guys.  If you are within the sound of my voice, as they used to say on the radio, you are cordially invited to send me ideas for the new minicomic.

These ideas can take any form you like.  A classic story seed is a little list of a person, a place and a thing, but you don’t need to restrict yourself to that.  You could offer a prompt (like, “write about two people running a race”), a question about an existing character or situation, or even a photograph or other image you think might prove inspirational.

I will open all the suggestions for the first time next Monday morning and use some of them as the key points of my story.  Who knows, you may be the person who suggests an important new Kekionga character or setting.

If you want to share a story seed or inspiration, just email whatever it is to kekiongacomics at yahoo dot com.  Please put “Minicomics Live!” in the subject line so I don’t open it early by mistake.

Thanks ahead of time for all your help– I’ve gotten some pretty great ideas this way and Kekionga is a much richer place because of the generous participants in past outings of Minicomics Live!

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