minicomics live! tomorrow (in spite of everything)

The last few days have been filled with doubt– not artistic doubt, never that*, but technological doubt.  Not only is the ancient computer still ancient (Windows XP will never quite die), but for some reason our normally highly stable internet connection has become … intermittent.  Intermittent wipers are good, intermittent internet not so much.  But things today seem a bit more stable, and I really want to do Minicomics Live!, so I am going to do it and you are going to like it and it is going to be cool.  I hope.  So please consider this a last call for seeds and suggestions– just send them to kekiongacomics at yahoo dot com with “Minicomics Live!”  in the subject line.   Have some.  Would love more.

So preparations have begun.  These include ruling pages and gathering tools, and also taking out the garbage, listening to podcasts, reading PG Wodehouse**, doing sudokus, cooking bacon, and goofing around on the internet, especially Pinterest.  Later, dishes and television.

In the morning, minicomics.  Live.  Right here.

*Not at this point anyway.  The artistic doubts only emerge when a project is well underway …

**His early work– mostly boarding school stories.  Tremendous fun, although I don’t know as much about cricket as I really should.

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