minicomics ??, post 4: a pause for a question

One of the problems with new story ideas is that they must sometimes be put on pause until a previously unasked worldbuilding question is answered.

As the script develops, it looks like a kid or two is going to have to go from Our Neighborhood to Edison’s Cliff.  And I have no idea where Edison’s Cliff actually is, except that it is at least a few minute’s drive from the Junkyard, since Jack drives there in the still unfinished “Bottlecaps”.  But if one or more of the Kids decides to go there to looks for the semi-mythical Kekionga sauropods, it would be helpful to know where it is so I can decide how they will travel.  Is it a convenient bike ride, or will they have to take the bus?

If you would like to help answer this question, here is the basic map of Kekionga and the surrounding area.  sketch map inked

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