minicomics ??, post 5– more script

Really cooking with gas now.  This is an odd but nice little story about the nature of time.  I am starting to think “Day of the Brontosaurus” is going to be the finished title.  When I write a super short story like this, this where I like the script/notes thing to be when I leave it for the day to let my brain chew on it for a while.  A more or less finished script is not far out of reach.

Don’t worry, there’s still stuff to do, like make a drawing to figure out how tall Anpu is compared with the kids, and go through my Monty Python collected scripts to find out more about the Anne Elk sketch.

Brontosaurus Minicomic (minicomics live, 4/14/15) v2

“Remote Viewing”/ “Thunder Lizard”/ “Viewing the Thunder Lizard”/ “Day of the Brontosaurus”

cast: Murphy, Moose, Mr. Spit, Lee, Josef, Anpu, some brontosauruses)

page 1(right) / cover: a drawing of a weird device on the sidewalk in chalk. It has a screen on it and on the screen are sauropod dinosaurs.   The title of the drawing is also the title of the comic.

Page 2 (left) :Pan back and there is Murphy drawing on the sidewalk

Some adult comes along (maybe we only see their legs) and says something stupid about the drawing, like “is it a space ship?”. Murphy corrects them politely “More like a time machine”

They say something patronizing about that explaining the dinosaurs— They look like Apatasaurus—you know that’s the correct name for a brontosaurus.

Murphy: Actually they just changed it back. The official ceremony was at Yale, on Tuesday. (actually, it really was.)

Page 3 (right):

Moose and Mr, Spit come along Josef could be with them)

Josef makes a noise, Moose says even Josef thinks that’s a brontosaurus.

Mr. Spit: Awesome keeping your temper, Murph. I hate it when people say dumb stuff to me.

Murphy: Well, don’t draw on the sidewalk if you don’t want to hear sidewalk opinions.

Conversation turns to seeing dinosaurs and debates whether there actually are any in Kekionga, the same as there are mammoths and saiga and tapirs and coelacanths and Egyptian gods and things.

Sometimes you can see them at the Cliffside. Argument about whether this is actually true. They decide to go over and check it out.

Scene where they are riding their bicycles and talking about Monty Python brontosaurus sketch. Moose has a beat up mountain bike, Mr. Spit has his classic Schwinn Stingray, Murphy an old racing bike with the handlebars on upside down.

They get to Edison’s Cliff and Anpu is there talking to the dinosaurs. He is talking to them about Ancient Egypt, and a brontosaurus he met there once. There is no sign that the dinosaurs are talking back. They also talk about Monty Python, which is old, and Anpu, who is older, and the dinosaurs who are older still.

Maybe Josef jumps off the cliff and down into the dinosaurs—landing on their heads. They walk away into the woods.

Kids: we should go home too, or at least back to the neighborhood. They leave, Anpu remains behind. Moose looks back at Anpu, maybe says something about him being far from home. Or does her face show it without a line.

Last scene: back to first setting—Murphy is changing his original drawing. Lee has joined the group. (Maybe everybody is there?)

Adults come along and make stupid comments re kids having so much imagination.

Lee (to Murphy) I don’t know why they say things like that. It’s a very good likeness.

Murphy: Don’t draw on the sidewalk.

The others: If you don’t want to hear sidewalk opinions.

Page xx (left)/back cover

Original drawing with Josef in the window with the dinosaurs.

To add: plot. Add Josef making one of his weird noises and on the Kids interpreting it as “brontosaurus”

Reference to the Monty Python bit with Anne Elk/ John Cleese

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1 Response to minicomics ??, post 5– more script

  1. Wolfie says:

    I dig it. “Sidewalk Opinions” is also a great secondary title.

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