minicomics ??, post 7– a sketch

The elusive internet appears … in time to show you a first sketch.  This does not depict a scene from the story (Day of the Brontosaurus? Sidewalk Opinions?), since I think a trip to the bank to score some free candy probably isn’t an essential part of a humorous brief meditation on naming and time and dinosaurs in popular culture.  But it fulfills its original goal, which was to practice drawing Moose, Murphy and Anpu, and to establish their relative heights in preparation for drawing them in the new story.

brontosaurusstory-sketchNormally Anpu will be smoking (note that he is a retired god and it doesn’t do him any harm), but I wanted to draw Murphy copying his pose, so I was inspired to write about lollipops.  Moose is lost in thought, possibly writing a brief story in her head about the events of the day.

(Drawing shoes with a brush is difficult but fun.)

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