minicomics ??, post 10– what do brontosauruses like for treats?

Hello, and welcome back to Minicomics Live, issue ??, the “live” blogging minicomics project featuring an unreliable internet connection.  We are back, we are working, and the script is breaking apart into pages in a more or less orderly way.  When it’s all the way broken, I will try to post, and later in the day you can expect a sketch of the cover and if we are lucky, at least some of the scribble breakdowns.

For now, I am answering comments if anybody cares to make some and hoping someone will answer the question in the title.  I am making the brontosaurus treats apples in the script, but a) I am not sure a brontosaurus can eat an apple, and b) I am sure something else could be both sauropod-edible and funnier than an apple.

Or is an apple actually funny?  I don’t know any more.

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2 Responses to minicomics ??, post 10– what do brontosauruses like for treats?

  1. Wolfie says:

    Someone has a bag of croutons. When asked why, they admit they like to snack on them. And they make good bronto treats.

  2. Rick Santman says:

    Croutons? Too teensy, I’m thinking.

    Brontos were supposed to be tropical/semitropical dwellers, right? Maybe something in the citrus family instead of apples?

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