minicomics ??, post 12: a sketch of the time viewer

In The Day of the Brontosaurus, the story begins and ends with a young artist’s chalk drawing on a sidewalk; a drawing of a silly science fiction device that allows its operator to see the past.  He calls it the Time Viewer.murphystimeviewer1-blogHere’s a sketch of it– I like some things about it but not others.  The screen needs to be bigger, I think, and it needs at least one antenna.  But I like the secondary screen, and the basic, shiplike form.  (Its legs should actually be under it, I suppose.)  If this wasn’t supposed to be a chalk drawing I would add more details, but anyone whose ever drawn with ordinary drugstore sidewalk chalk will tell you that bolder is better when working in this medium.

(I tried to fake the chalk marks with a brush; but I’ll draw the final version with crayon on rough paper for a chalk effect.)

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