minicomics ??, post 13: sidebar, detour, or work avoidance?

It’s not work avoidance, really– it’s a weird day and there’s lots of stuff going on outside of the Brontosaurus story that I have to attend to.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about it.

Specifically, I’m thinking about the treats that Anpu and the kids offer the brontosauruses in the cliffside scene.  People who have been following this oddly pressing issue know that I have penciled in apples as the treats, but I’m not sure that’s right.  I opened the question to debate, and was offered the suggestion of bagged croutons.

This is excellent on the surface.  Croutons are tasty, and I can’t imagine any animal except a truly pure carnivore refusing to eat one.  And the word “crouton” is inherently funny, so that’s a good point.  But, as a second reply pointed out, croutons are too small to show up well in the drawing, and I also think they are too specific.  Adding croutons makes this at least in part a story about croutons, but the much more mundane apple–a familiar fruit generally accepted as a treat for herbivorous animals– is a more generic object that leaves the verbal emphasis on the offerer and the eater rather than the treat itself.

The second suggester offers a tropical or citrus fruit as an alternative, considering that brontosauruses lived in the tropics.  But plants have changed a whole lot since the time of the dinosaurs and I literally have no idea when fruit developed and whether actual dinosaurs (as opposed to the ones in my comics) had access to actual fruit when they actually lived.  If so, what kinds?

I’m going to have to do a little research.  Not a lot, just a skim of the surface.  As always, we are going for the illusion of science, enough so both the writer and the readers don’t have to feel like idiots.  Remember gang– this is not science fiction.  It’s a little story about a certain golden afternoon, when friends meet the wonders of the larger world on the fringes of their neighborhood.

BTW, the one truly universal snack in the animal kingdom is french fries.  I have a long mental list of animals I have personally seen eating french fries (dogs, cats, horses, seagulls, vultures, raccoons, enormous carp, etc.) and there seems to be no reason a dinosaur wouldn’t eat one too. But I don’t see the kids riding around on bikes, or Anpu riding around on the motorcycle* I just imagined him having, with a bag full of cold fries.  They would eat them all when they were hot.   Also, like the croutons, they would be too small.

*I am refusing, absolutely refusing, to get distracted at this point by the question of what kind of motorcycle** Anpu rides.  It does not come into this story. I am not going to research a bunch of motorcycles and learn to draw one just so I can put it in the background of one panel of this comic.  For the record, Anpu probably rode over to Cliffside on his bike, but he parked it behind Edison’s barn and you can’t see it from any of angles I’m going to be using on pages 8-12.

**Gotta be a British bike. A Vincent Black Shadow?  An Enfield or a BSA?  An old Triumph?  Or maybe something burly and wartime-y  like a Ural with a sidecar?

I am not thinking about this.  I am thinking about snacks for a brontosaurus.

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2 Responses to minicomics ??, post 13: sidebar, detour, or work avoidance?

  1. Wolfie says:

    The croutons I buy are an inch square. But then you’d have people wondering why the croutons are so big. Fruit it is. Unless someone spilled a box of fries in their backpack and then forgot about it…

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    I was assuming you were talking about the large, Caesar salad sized croutons! But even those will pretty much disappear in context of a person and just the head of a brontosaurus on a minicomics size page. It’s a great snack, though.

    So are bottom of the backpack fries, if you are hungry enough, or Josef.

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