tumblr sunday: post it note werewolves from the noakes

from the Noakes Library tumblr in Kekionga:werewolf jokeIowa had never seen such a large Post It note before, or one inkjet printed in that particular shade of mahogany.  She left it on the bulletin board where she found it, and sure enough, identical copies of the four cartoons multiplied throughout the basement until every door and whiteboard was adorned with large sticky backed yellow sheets with little meditating werewolves in the lower right quadrant.

This increased the level philosophical calm throughout the Library by almost 45 percent, and that was a very good thing.

(This image was donated by Wolfie, who has very good taste in werewolf puns.  I’ve never seen this set involving the “a” before, and the drawings are good too.  If anyone knows who drew the sheet of four werewolf pun cartoons, please let me know; I would love to credit the creator.  And I think today’s drawing of the day is going to be a version of Aware Wolf.)

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