minicomics ??, post 16: an art reference

The internet may be fixed.  Or it may not.  Anyway, I’m taking advantage of the opportunity to go out and collect some photo references for brontosauruses.  Of course, that really means art references, since, nobody seems to have a photograph of a brontosaurus.   Not that I’ve been able to find,  anyway.

I hate to use other people’s art as references for anything, but when you’re dealing with extinct animals, it’s a hard situation to avoid.  I try to stick to serious scientific illustrations to ease my conscience.  But even the most serious anatomical illustrators are left to their own devices when deciding on the colors of their dinosaurs.

Back in the day, brontosauruses were often the classic green, with occasional specimens being muddy brown or elephant grey. But times have changed, and today I found this handsome illustration by Chris Masna of a blue one with a red tail.tumblr_nn2tm7WKoC1s90ahso1_1280  My brontosauruses will be in black and white, of course, but in my imagination they will be wagging some colorful tails. Some of them are probably purple.  With stripes.  Why not?

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