minicomics ??, post 17- more scribbles

Scribbling: going well.  Internet: not fixed.  But here it is, with a delayed post from earlier today.  brontosaurus-page 2-scribble-blogbrontosaurus-page 3-scribble-blogbrontosaurus-page 4-scribble-blogHere are pages 2, 3, and 4.   Click on each image to see a larger version, and take a shot at reading it, if you dare.  You will see lots of notes and top secret cartoonist’s inner monolog.  You may also want to cross reference the script to remember what exactly is happening on each page; click here to read.

These are pretty much straightforward scribbles; these pages broke up neatly into fairly nice looking pages. I was pleased to find two different ways to show the sidewalk drawing, which will appear 3 times in 5 pages.  It’s hard to do that many repetitions of a large prop without getting boring about it.  And it’s always satisfying to avoid “crossing the line” while making sure the readers read the speeches in the correct order, as I am pretty sure I did with the last panel on page 4.  (Time will tell, of course– it’s always possible that the finished page won’t work.)

I also like the scribble of Josef in the center left panel of page 3.

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