minicomics ??, post 21: scribbles in red

Scribbles are almost done, and I am posting when I can: stay tuned.  This is page 9 of our more or less “live” minicomic, “Day of the Brontosaurus”.brontosaurus-page 9-scribble-blogAnd if you think its odd how much Anpu and Josef look alike in some of these sketches, you may be right.  I’ve drawn them together before and never really felt they were anymore alike than any two characters with large black ears, so it no doubt has something to do with how quickly I am moving in these scribbles.  (While I normally like the way Josef comes out in a quick sketch, the one of him at the lower left is, as it says in the note “the stupidest drawing of Josef ever.)

This scribble is also a good example of why it’s wise to draw this stage of the project in a color other than black.  Admittedly, it would be much more typical to see this type of drawing in blue, or even green, than the “porto” or mahogany red* that I’ve been using for most of my notes and sketches the last couple of years. but the theory is the same.  As you see in the right hand section of the first panel, if you mess up a face or two in the colored drawing phase, you can go back into the art with black lines and make a correction or add something without having to trash the entire sketch.  Murphy’s face is corrected in black since I got his expression entirely wrong, and Josef was just plain added to scene.  I drew him over a previously existing note, and added the black to make it clear what was actually going to be happening in that space on the final page.

* I am just crazy about this maroon or dark red pen and the way it looks on yellow legal paper.  It’s a Zebra “Sarasa” gel pen in 0.7 nib size.  Staples called this color “porto” when they carried it, while Jet Pens calls it “mahogany”.  Either way, it’s a great cheap pen in a cool color.


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