minicomics ??, post 22: a drawing of josef and anpu

Yesterdays (poor, lonely, single) scribble of page 9 posed an awkward question regarding exactly how much or how little Josef (the model of both the mysterious animal and the horrible creature) and Anpu (retired god) resemble each other.  I decided to make a drawing of the two of them together that emphasized both the similarities and the differences.sketch-josefandanpuAnubis as you see him in ancient art is always depicted as a slender, powerful being with the head of a jackal and the body of an athletic man in his late twenties. Anpu today is still godlike in his physique, but it’s a god in his late 40s or early 50s who eats a lot of cheese steaks and drinks a lot of single malt whisky and walks for exercise.  (I sometimes draw him a bit fatter than he is here.)

Josef is slinky, stinky, and slightly otherworldly creature.  He is designed to play the part of the dog in the Kekionga stories, obviously, but he also has lizardy or even somewhat draconic qualities.  He is supposed to be cute and fun, but also somewhat unsettling.  He is from another dimension and can eat an entire deer in one sitting, after all, and one of my goals in drawing him is to make sure the reader is always reminded of that.

So what they have in common is the shape and color of their ears, and their large, glowing, and somewhat inexpressive eyes.  These two are beings of mystery.  But their heads and bodies have very different shapes, as do their personalities.  They both have human levels of intelligence, but unhuman points of view.  (Whether Anpu still has godlike levels of power is a question I’ve never answered. If he does, he consistently chooses not to use them.  Don’t let the trick with the cigarette fool you; Kekionga is full of more or less ordinary people who can raise a small flame without a lighter.)

If they had their mouths open in this drawing you would see a major difference between the two:  Josef has rows of very sharp but undifferentiated teeth, like an alligator or a shark, while Anpu’s teeth are exactly like a dog’s.

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