minicomics ??, post 23: scribbles on the edge of a cliff

Here are the scribbles for the rest of the Cliffside scene.brontosaurus-page 10-scribble-blog brontosaurus-page 11-scribble-blog brontosaurus-page 12-scribble-blogI didn’t realize until I made these scribbles that maybe Josef jumps over the cliff after the apple that Mr. Spit tosses to the dinosaurs.  I suppose that’s as good a motivation as any, knowing Josef.   In the first tier of page 11, I may move the nose-to-nose inset to the lower left instead of the upper right to punch that aspect up.

Then there’s page 12.  On one hand I’m really looking forward to drawing the Moody Anpu portrait, but on the other I’m shakingly anxious because I seem to have committed myself to drawing one of the major settings, Duke’s Market for the first time.  At least it’s a small panel and not a detailed splash, so a thumbnail image is all that’s needed.  Still, how has this much major worldbuilding  ended up in what started out to be a simple super short?

Kekionga, as a series, was created exactly this way; it’s an artifact of improvised, if not entirely accidental, worldbuilding.

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