minicomics ??, post 26: the last of the scribbles

These have actually been done for a while; I was just waiting to be home and at my desk at the same time the internet was working.  Go back to the script and see how I have added a tiny scenelet between Nina and Murphy to make the final page splash of the full sized sidewalk drawing a bit more interesting. brontosaurus-page14-scribble-blog brontosaurus-page15-scribble-blogIt all started out as a way to justify placing the Time Viewer vertically on the page, which is the best use of the space in the panel.  But the question about pushing the button adds another of those little Kekionga twisty bits– is the Time Viewer really a Thing after all?

I had originally placed Nina’s question at the end of page 14 and spent a really ridiculous amount of time trying to get it to work.  I took a break and came back a few hours later and it was so obvious that putting it on page 15 made both pages better.

Next big step will be pencils starting tomorrow, but you may get a few brontosauruses before bedtime tonight.  Nothing nicer than a brontosaurus at bedtime.

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