a low powered magic item (for you to search for on your quest)

IMG_20150427_162614~3~3~2~2It’s the decidedly minor but oddly useful Can of Cocktail Peanuts That Never Quite Runs Out.  Seriously, this has been sitting on the corner of the washing machine for like two weeks with about three servings of yummy semi-stale peanuts in it, and I’ve been grabbing half-a-handfuls for random bedtime snacks the whole time … The replacement can has been in the pantry for days. Will it ever be needed?

The Can of Cocktail Peanuts could be the difference between a happy quest and a miserable one for its lucky owner.  An image of the great sorcerer known only as Mister Peanut adorns the container.

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2 Responses to a low powered magic item (for you to search for on your quest)

  1. Wolfie says:

    Its companion item is the 2 liter bottle of generic soda that always seems to have a cup worth of liquid remaining. It’s flat, and probably warm, and it’s one of those mysterious flavors that don’t tell you anything about what you’re drinking (Blue Fizzbang) but when you need a drink, it’s always there…

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    Possibly even more useful than the peanuts, although less appetizing. It shares with the peanuts the disadvantage of awkward shape and size. Just for fun, let’s add the limitation that these two items cannot be placed in a Pocket, a Bag of Holding, a piece of sapient pearwood Luggage or other similar form of compacted or off body storage without losing their ability to refill. Carry ’em in your backpack or satchel, people, or lose ’em.

    Did I ever tell you guys that the Luggage is my all time favorite magical item/companion? I would rather have my own Luggage than just about anything.

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