car spotting: a morgan aero 8

IMG_20150426_134341~2Here’s a surprising car to see parked downtown on a Sunday afternoon: a Morgan Aero 8.   A very handsome ride indeed, and the very model of the state of the art bespoke British roadster, with an aircraft aluminium body on a very retro Morgan chassis.  Morgan as in wood. Ash specifically.  Gotta love it.  IMG_20150426_134210~2

You have to give this the full nine points, I think:  seven for being a very cool and interesting car, plus the standard one point for being a convertible parked with its top down and the bonus point for rarity. I’ve certainly never seen one in the wild before, which makes sense since its proud owner reports that there are only 33 in the country.

Note that the Morgan could have gotten the full 10 points if it had been painted a particularly nice color–in British racing green over saddle tan it would be utterly irresistible– but the champagne-gold-sliding-to -silver is certainly not unbecoming,  and the nutmeg brown retro-quilted interior is delightful. ATT_1430262777045_IMG_20150426_134321~2

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