internet sunday: the language of seaweed

Our more or less weekly look at a single image from somewhere in the great gallery we call the internet …

NASA’s Goddard Space Center offers this beautiful satellite photograph of seaweed being farmed in the coastal waters off South Korea.southkoreanseaweedfarms Apparently the semi-domesticated seaweed is grown on ropes supported by buoys, which keep the plants at the ideal depth throughout the tidal cycle.   I can’t decide whether the dark marks of the growing seaweed against the blue green of the water look more like an unknown alphabet or the genes in a DNA sequence, but either way, it looks like there is a code here, waiting to be deciphered.

Aliens with satellites of their own will spend a lot of time trying to read the language of seaweed.  I wonder what conclusions they will make.

(Read about the seaweed farms of South Korea and see more satellite images on Gizmodo, here.

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