first world (cartoonists’) problems

Cartoonist (to him or herself) : Draw fast!  All your references for the drawing of the antique skeleton key* are on your phone and you’re running out of juice!

Cartoonist’s younger self (or, if the Cartoonist is already young, an Older Cartoonist) : You know, back in the day, if we wanted to draw a picture of an antique skeleton key we had to go to the public library and look up references in books.  The public library!  It’s three miles away! And it’s raining!  And now you are complaining because you will have to walk across the room and open your internet browser and type three words into Google Image Search.   You are a spoiled idiot.

Feeling suitably chastened, the Cartoonist watches the battery indicator turn red, switches off the phone,  walks across the room, opens the internet browser, and types three words into Google Image Search.

*I really am drawing an antique skeleton key for someone’s change of address card.

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