antique skeleton keys

Finally finished (barring a few tweaks) the drawings of antique skeleton keys for a change of address card. antiquekey-600-blog One is pretty conventional, based on photographs of actual keys plus some period engravings.  And one is … less conventional.  antiquekey-owl-600-blog It’s based on another old engraving– I think it was originally part of a bookplate. (That would be a great bookplate for someone named Keyes. Or Locke, I suppose.) The original bird was a barn owl, but for some reason I wanted to make it a screech owl, so I did.

I know which of these drawings is my favorite, and I also think I know which one the person changing their address is going to pick.  It’s all good.  With well chosen fonts and a clear, simple layout, either one should work.

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1 Response to antique skeleton keys

  1. Tom Cherry says:

    All around nifty!

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