drawing of the day bonus: sky traveler

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, things have gotten sort of crazy here.  Hope you have been enjoying the random posts on random topics!  Among other things, that means we haven’t done the regular “Best of the Drawing of the Day” in a while.  Don’t worry, the project is going on and I promise we will get caught up.  Until then,  here’s the latest, and probably the weirdest, entry in the ongoing series we call Pretty Good Dragons.

drawingofthedaybonus-050615-skytravelerThis is Sky Traveler, a higher Spirit Dragon of the 10th Level.  He likes to manifest as an “Instant Dragon in a Dish”.

OK.  This is quite silly. But it’s also good comics, in that the cartoon depends on both the picture and the caption to be funny*.  Because, really, is a Higher Spirit Dragon of the 10th Level going to look that goofy? Plus the idea of manifesting as an Instant Dragon in a Dish, which is clearly some kind of bizzaro commercial product, is sort of amusing. In general, I think it is a successful drawing, and, even if you don’t like the joke, it’s a good illustration of the very characterful inking qualities of the Elabo soft nib fountain pen.  I like this pen more and more every time I take it out for a spin.

(*If it is funny.  Makes me laugh, but at this point I probably have a fairly low threshold.)

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2 Responses to drawing of the day bonus: sky traveler

  1. Sean K. says:

    It is definitely funny. The phrase “Instant Dragon in a Dish” is amusing by itself, but combined with the huge beast balancing on the modest dish it just becomes ridiculous.

    It would not surprise me if there is some actual product in Asia known as “Instant Dragon in a Dish,” which does not actually contain any dragon. Kind of like when you order kitsune udon, there’s no fox meat in it.

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    Thanks. I supposed IDD would be the instant version of some kind of spicy noodle dish with dragon tooth peppers in it. I had no idea there was a dish called kitsune udon–maybe it’s the kind of noodles a fox would enjoy eating?
    I’m glad you liked the drawing.

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