a brush pile with wings

More brush pile photography from around the neighborhood …  This brush pile was made up mostly of Euonymus alatus , known to US gardeners as “burning bush” for its vivid red fall color. “Alatus” means “winged”, for the winglike flanges that grow on the outside of this plant’s stems.

The thicker the stem, the wider the wings, and this burning bush must have been a mighty specimen. I’ve never seen alatus with wings this wide. 

These photographs were taken just to document this, but they ended up being interesting semi-abstracts to mess around with in post, as we digital photographers say.  The first has the contrast and saturation tweaked and is slightly sharpened, the second has been run through a “drama filter”, and the third had a vintage effect applied before I tweaked the saturation and warmth and added some vignetting.




I am having way too much fun with this little editing and post processing suite that I got with my update to Android Lollipop.

(a tiny internet production, posted entirely from my phone during a thunderstorm.)

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