best of the drawing of the day, week 155– an abstracted angel

drawingoftheday-week155-abstract angelThis supernatural character is sly and conniving and only an angel because of the wings. And the wings themselves are heavily abstracted, to the point where they may be unrecognizable.  Spirals, as always, represent magic and mystery.

I was very tempted to decorate the largest area of fur (the one on the figure’s neck and chest) with some kind of small pattern, to “pop” the white fur trim on the wrists, but I decided not too do so because I thought it would interfere with the linework shading.  As it is, I’m adding this drawing to the list of those I am planning to color once I get a new computer up and running and can finally get a digitizer tablet.  The drawing of the day project will give me lots of line art to practice on.

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