best of the drawing of the day, week 156: half the moon

Continuing to catch up on the drawing of the day backfiles.  In this drawing, someone is carrying half the moon.drawingoftheday-week156-halfthemoonSeriously, it’s part of a sculpture of the man-in-the-crescent-moon.  (Presumably it will be assembled on site.)  OK. I decided that was what it was after I drew it, which is the great privilege of drawing at random in your own sketchbook.

This drawing is also a variation of the classic sketchbook world family group, consisting of an adult, a child, and a horrible creature, but in this case it’s a corny sculpture.  The man and his child are supposed to show a resemblance– faces drawn to the same model, and of course the family hair, which is coarse and wavy and almost certainly red.  The kid has a long way to get shoulders like his dad’s– presumably that moon isn’t made of papier mache.

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