a day and a half (with a giant italian van)

giant van house-blogWhat’s black and white and as big as your house?  It’s a cargo van!

giant van vintage badgeYou can use it to move a bunch of furniture quite a long distance.  Don’t run out and buy it, though.  It costs about thirty thousand dollars, and is not exactly a practical everyday vehicle unless you are a tradesperson. When you need a giant cargo van to move a bunch of furniture quite a long distance, you can rent one from any rental agency.

You might assume from the Ram’s head on the front grille and the Ram 1500 ProMaster badging that this is a giant American cargo van, specifically a product of the Chrysler Corporation.  But Remember that Chrysler was taken over by Fiat a few years ago.  The all American Ram ProMaster is actually a rebadged Fiat Ducato.  It’s a giant Italian van.

giant van night stop 1-blogThis Ducato is one of Fiat’s core products, sourced from factories in Italy, Turkey, Brazil, and Russia and from the Chrysler factory in Saltillo, Mexico, where this example was built.  It’s common as dirt in most of the world, and getting to be fairly ubiquitous here as well, judging by how many times we saw its ugly mug coming and going.  The Ducato may not be pretty, but it does the job.  The seating leaves much to be desired (being as upright as a kitchen chair and about as stiff), and it desperately needs both cruise control and an outside arm rest for the driver if it’s going to be comfortable for long distance travel.  Passenger knee room is a bit tight as well. But it’s otherwise commendably straightforward inside, with plenty of compartments and cupholders and some of the clearest and best HVAC controls I’ve seen in any modern car. giant van dash black and whiteI’ve been very curious about all the new Fiats we’ve been getting since the Chrysler takeover, but I never expected to have a chance to spend quality time with the ProMaster/Ducato.  I can’t say it was an entirely pleasant experience (and much worse for the poor guy who had to drive it 650 miles in 14 or 15 hours), but it was more interesting than the Chevy Express we were expecting to get.  giant van brecksville dramaPhotographs taken with the New Phone Camera, tweaked and cropped and filtered for fun during a long road trip.  The popularity of the gas stop setting might suggest a comment on the gas mileage, particularly with the furniture aboard.)

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