best of the drawing of the day, week 157: snake and robot

drawingoftheday-week157-snakeandrobotCombine the standard monster/alien/character race/mythological being called the naga with the furry snakes you often see in my sketchbooks.  Add a character that could be an android, a robot, or even another kind of alien.  And you get … a drawing like this.  I’m not sure what exactly it means, if anything.  Are they colleagues?  Friends? Maybe there’s even a bit of interspecies romance in the air.

To punch up the differences between the two characters, I inked them differently.  The robot (or whoever) is inked with the Elabo soft nib, while the snake (or whoever he/she is) is made copiously fluffy with the small, stiff nib of the scritchy scratchy pen.  I don’t know why, but I always want to put glasses on large furry humanoid people.  Too much time spent with Hank McCoy of X-Men fame in my youth, I suppose.

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