the annual american grownup birthday freakout

The annual American grownup birthday freakout has nothing to do with getting older.  It just sends you rushing for your wallet. My driver’s license!  Did it just expire?  Am I going to have to go to the BMV?  Am I going to have to take the written test?  Can I pass the written test?

And then there’s that lovely feeling when you realize your driver’s license expires next year.  It’s next year’s problem!

But you should really write it down somewhere.  Maybe put it on a calendar or something.

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5 Responses to the annual american grownup birthday freakout

  1. Tom Cherry says:

    Happy Birthday, Pam!

  2. Sean K. says:

    Doesn’t the BMV notify you when you’re going to expire? They do that in Massachusetts – around the beginning of May I got a notice in snail mail that had “Happy Birthday” language on it, and then said in smaller type that my license would be expiring in June. I actually got spoiled by the last renewal, which I was able to do completely online. This time I started it online, but then it made me print the form and go to the office for a vision check and new photo. Fortunately, though the line seemed long when I got there, the fact that I already had something printed and signed meant I got to take a number sooner, and was done less than 30 minutes after arriving.

  3. Pam Bliss says:

    No, dear, this is Indiana and keeping track of your stuff is your own problem. No bureaucracy is going to lift a finger to help you. That said, we do have online renewal, as well as the “just come in for a new photo and eye test” option you describe, and I hope I will be able to do one or the other.

    The problem of course is that once your license expires all those options are off the table and you have to do the whole process, including the written test. They could make you drive, too, although I’ve never heard of it actually happening.

    Goal for next year: to renew in May and avoid this.

  4. Wolfie says:

    I’ll take the risk of saying happy birthday… even though you and I have been, I think, operating under the unwritten rule that we do not acknowledge getting older any more for some years now. 🙂

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