car spotting: 1964 falcon futura

Falcon1-redacted2-blogSpecifically, a 1964 Falcon Futura convertible, triple black, without those annoying trim bits on the tail lights you sometimes see.  Leaving them as classic Ford plain round tail lights is much tidier.  The Falcon was one of Ford’s best designs ever and the plainer it is, the better it looks.  This example, being a top of the line Futura, has the extra chrome panel on the rear and some extra chrome on the sides, but it doesn’t do much to cloud those simple Falcon lines.

This is a fairly typical spotting photograph– if you can pull up behind someone at a red light, there is usually time to get a good clear image.  It’s only polite to redact the license plate number if you are going to post it on your blog, but really, anyone who has a nifty car like this has got to expect that people are going to want to take pictures of it.

Falcon3-redacted-blogIf you have a skilled and cooperative driver, you may also be lucky enough to get a decent rear three quarters view which will really help in your identification later.  In this case the shape of the side panel chrome and the little chrome element on the rear quarter panel near the tail light helped identify this as a 1964 model. ( I knew it was a late Falcon, but was unsure of the exact year.) This image is a deep crop so it’s a lousy photograph even by phone camera standards, but it does the job.

’64 Ford Falcon Futura convertible– a full 10 point spot.  Base points, 8 out of 10, plus the one point bonus for a convertible with the top down and the one point bonus for an old car being driven in traffic.

Falcon2-redact(I love how this image divides down the center, traffic to the left, greens and greys to the right.)

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