mgb squares (and stupid google)

Looks like we’re having some kind of a car week on the ol’ blog, so let’s continue it with a few square photos* of an absolutely smashing chrome bumper MGB I saw at the post office this morning.  It’s that bright orange you usually associate with the MGB GT fastback coupes, but it looks quite nifty on the roadster as well.mgb1-blogPhotographing a chrome bumper MGB is always a good use of my time, since Iowa drives one in Kekionga, and I can always use more reference shots.   Hers is faded red over black and black– perhaps if she decides to repaint it she will choose this orange.mgb2-blog*I was also planning to celebrate the fact that I have finally learned to crop images to a square using the very much unwanted new editing suite that magically appeared with my recent forced update to the new version of Google Photos.  But if you take a close look at these last two, you will see that they are quite a bit off square.  So the new software is definitely a work in progress.  Thank you, stupid Google.

It’s still fun to make fake instamatic photos using filters and vignetting,  but I am in the market for a new editing suite.  Anybody who knows of a powerful, fun to use photo editing suite for Android that does not require constant in app purchases to function is encouraged to comment below.  I am officially sick of the Google and the constant churning of its stock software.  I am looking for something I can learn to use and keep on using.


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