internet sunday: that crazy montreal

As car week draws to a close, let’s take a dive into my Pinterest “car stuff” board for a quick look at one of my personal dream cars.4db7b6e0377973f2760a413f4f310a9a

This louvered Italian beauty from the ’70s is the not particularly famous Alfa Romeo Montreal.  I don’t know how I “decided”, long ago, to become an armchair Alfista, or why, out of all the great Alfas in that marque’s distinguished history, I’ve chosen to love the Montreal.  I’ve never even seen one on the road.  Part of it is the great lure of the elusive Not Sold Here– none of the 3917 Montreals built were sold in Montreal, or in the US, since there was no North American version.

20618993fbb538c5ce2d2973b7251fd0And, hey, like it or not, I am a child of the 70s.  I remember cars from the mid to late 60s on, and I was developing my earliest automotive sensibilities at just the time the Montreal was being designed (by Marcello Gandini of Bertone, for the Expo ’67 World’s Fair in Montreal).  I was in the midst of my car loving teens, with friends who were already driving, when it went out of production in 1977. I don’t remember being aware of the Montreal at the time, but when I began to study the history of Alfa Romeo some years later, it spoke to me instantly.

I guess I’m just historically programmed to love those louvers.

ecd5bef5dcdc40e62c45cb145142c45a(Tomorrow,  car week comes to an end with the very best kind of car post. Stay tuned.)

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