dolphin gray mica

mazdasunset3-crop-blog “Dolphin Gray Mica” is the manufacturer’s name for the color of this small Japanese sedan.  It’s a 2013 Mazda 3 Sport, and the color is really rather pretty when you see the car in person.  It’s basically a medium grey, but it looks blue in some lights and green in others; sometimes it’s almost a slate color.  Like all Sports, the 3 has a black interior and the whole package is quite nice looking.  The other options for the Sport that year were black, white and silver, so yes, pick the Dolphin every time, even though it’s hard to photograph.

Otherwise, it’s an awfully nice car: the Skyactiv motor is lively, it has great steering with lots of road feel and a very small turning circle, simple basic controls and lots of bells and whistles like cruise control and cold AC, and a controlled but smooth ride that avoids floatiness and wallowing without shaking you to bits.  In spite of the slight “drive by wire lag”, it’s also plenty quick.  First impression: lots of fun, without being entirely impractical.

And as regards the photography problem (yes, I know these shots are kinda crummy, and I’m sorry), I’m going to get plenty of chances to practice.  My husband just bought this little Mazda, his second after his much loved Miata roadster.  It’s our new “good car”.  Sweet.

mazdasunset1-crop-blogFor those scoring at home, this brings our daily driver fleet count back up to four (1996 Geo Prizm, the black car, 1997 Mazda  MX-5 Miata, my 1997 Buick Century, Junior, and the 2013 Mazda 3 Sport.)  And yes, it may be second hand, but the 3 is sixteen years newer than everything else in the driveway.  We are going to have this little car for a long, long time.  Or so we hope.

More to come, I’m sure.  The last shot is from the Cube.  It looks very grey in this one.

Polaroid CUBE

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