household appliance disappointment

Here’s an idea: a washing machine with a decent sized LCD video monitor.  Yes, the portrait orientation is a bit odd, and it’s monochrome, but I don’t think its logical audience will be bothered by either.  Because, really, what is this but a conveniently placed pet TV?  All those dogs, hanging around in the laundry room, watching Netflix on the washing machine.  Or maybe you could put a waterproof camera inside the washer and they could watch the action live in real time without the potential leakage and general inconvenience of a front loader.  Cats would like that, I bet.

Brilliant concept, Samsung!

appliance 1-blogIt’s really too bad you don’t have the vision needed to bring this amazing new development to market.

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2 Responses to household appliance disappointment

  1. Wolfie says:

    I swear, I saw this myself for the first time at Lowe’s today. I chuckled as I imagined a family sitting on the laundry room floor, their heads tilted sideways, watching a program. Then I imagined a commercial for the next generation of view-washers, with landscape orientation, that eliminates the dreaded neck crick. Then I thought of a view-washer that shows on the screen what’s happening inside the washer, from six different cameras. Why do I think about this stuff?

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    All I can say is “you and me both”.

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