christopher lee

Like everyone else in the world who loves genre movies, we were deeply saddened to wake up this morning to news of the death of that most elegant of British genre actors, Sir Christopher Lee.  But he had a most wonderful run, creating immortal characters at many different times in his life, including deep old age, and working pretty much constantly.  A scroll through his credit list on the Internet Movie Database is sobering; not many people work that hard for even a few years.  Lee was 93 and at the top of his lists are two new films, one finished but unreleased, one in post production.  His was a most remarkable career.

I’ve always been a great admirer of Christopher Lee, and will remember him best in three roles: as one of the screen’s great Draculas in the 60s and 70s horror classics from Hammer Films,  as Scaramanga in the otherwise not so classic James Bond movie, The Man with the Golden Gun, and as the wizard Saruman in the Peter Jackson adaptations of Tolkien’s Middle Earth stories.

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