big texas meat claws

Another use for the best multipurpose tool since the Swiss Army knife (that’d be the phone camera*): word and phrase collection.  Every writer needs to be aware of ambient, atmospheric words, the words we breathe and eat and swallow as we go about the rest of our business.

Granted, you could always just write your interesting words down in your little notebook (you do have a liitle notebook, don’t you? ), but most of the time photographs look better in the blog.  And of course the images act as proof.  Because really, with words like this, people are going to assume you made the whole thing up.  So now, with no further introduction,  here are Big Texas Meat Claws.



The Meat Claws are actually pretty cool, but I wouldn’t eat that so-called cinnamon roll on a bet.

*in the subclass Digital Multipurpose Tools, anyway.

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