drawing of the day bonus: dress uniform

dod-officerI found this elegantly dressed dude in one of my drawing of the day sketchbooks from last year, as I was searching for some illustrations for a new minicomic.  I remember drawing him and the half finished piece has always been a favorite, even with layers of pencil still clogging it. I can’t explain why I never finished it and posted it here.  (Until now …)

This drawing was probably influenced by those pastiche portraits that were going around the internet a couple of years ago, the ones of modern celebrities in elaborate Napoleonic era military uniforms. (Gordon Ramsey and Bill Murrary both looked perfectly natural.)  I don’t know who the subject is or what his career has been like, but he’s probably not as mild mannered as he looks.  No Empire, interstellar or otherwise, hands out medals like that for perfect attendance.

It was only after I scanned the finished version that I noticed he is apparently unarmed– not even with a semi symbolic sword. His Emperor or Empress must be extremely paranoid.  What do you bet that he has a knife (or a gun, or a blaster) tucked away somewhere?  In the court of a paranoid sovereign, you can only survive by being fairly paranoid yourself.

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3 Responses to drawing of the day bonus: dress uniform

  1. Rick Santman says:

    Certainly a blade, probably two or three. One or more for throwing, one for wading into close combat. This gentleman looks to me like the sort who would practice as much as necessary, as often as necessary, to maintain his fighting skills.

    Gun or blaster? No opinion, although the idea of a holdout projectile weapon would certainly appeal to him.

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    You understand him as well as I do, or better.

  3. Rick Santman says:

    On a secondary note, I’d bet a nickel, and maybe a dime, that his coat has a Kevlar lining, and that at least one of his dressy looking gloves is lined with something that would withstand a knife thrust. If he’s a righty, then the left. If he’s a southpaw then the right. If he’s ambidextrous then probably both.

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