underwater wordplay, and a note from the blogger

Blogger’s note: News broadcasts and the serious and thinky parts of the internet are particularly grave today, concerned with tragic and confusing events.  In the personal sphere, people in my life are facing losses of their own.  I have strong feelings, and in the case of news events, strong opinions, on all these subjects.  The fact that this blog continues on its frivolous way, concerned with art and writing and the trivia of everyday life, doesn’t mean I do not know or care what’s going on.  It is a matter of focus and competence.  I don’t consider myself qualified to write about the great matters of the world, nor do I want to expose real peoples’ real problems to the public eye.  So I will keep on keeping on, doing what I can do, and hope you will find in your visit here an enjoyable moment of something different, or even a temporary hiding place.

So let’s talk about the joy of jargon, and immerse ourselves (ha, ha) in Wacky Submarine Terms You Never Knew You Wanted To Know, from the Foxtrot Alpha sub(ha, ha)-blog of the mighty Jalopnik.  Today’s installment is actually the second part.  If you want to read the first part first, it’s here.  Or just follow the links.  Professional jargon, particularly the jargon of people who live and work together (as the crews of submarine’s certainly have to do) is an amazingly rich source of creative word use, alternate definitions of familiar terms and glimpses of how new languages evolve.  Plus the amusing and thoughtful commentary the authors add to each entry offer fascinating insights into life aboard a Navy submarine.  These articles are deeper (ha, ha) than they appear on the surface.

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