internet sunday: pickup truck dreaming

1946-HudsonThe oddest things can be found in the “download” section of the old tablet- like these reference shots of my favorite pickup truck, the postwar (1946) Hudson Big Boy. It was love at first sight when I saw a battleship grey one at a car museum.  

I would totally betray all my car related ideals for my personal Hudson: since I want to be able to drive it, mine would have to be what they call a restomod–restored on the outside, modern on the inside.  A late model engine and automatic transmission,  power steering and good AC would make this a hypothetical truck I could have a lot of hypothetical fun with.  But on the outside it would be the same plain battleship grey as the one in the museum, and the interior would be close to original, except for all  that dark red leather.

And yes, these are really reference photos–you know that Bud drove a Hudson just like these back in the 1950s, and it’s certainly still in the junkyard somewhere. And maybe that one has a two tone paint job.ff0c1a6d00381c6fb1fc9fe00c9da077

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