the concluding lines

Of my current minicomic.

“Of course you didn’t, sweetheart,” replied Iowa, taking a serious look at the crazy getup.  “Having a second persona probably isn’t a bad idea, and silliness can be a good distraction. It’s not a terrible costume, really, with the local folklore reference to the flying rats.  And if you don’t like Moonbat, you can think up another name.”

“No way,”  said Jack. “You don’t know what it was like coming up with “Foursquare”.  I’m done naming superheroes.  Now I’m going to change and head over to the diner.  Want to come with?  I’m gonna eat a whole loaf of bread’s worth of French toast.”

“Throw in an egg and some orange juice and a bunch of coffee and you have a deal.”

“Deal.  And bacon.  And keep an eye out for my tail.”

“Sure, Moonbat Jack. Hey—that sounds a lot better.”

“Moonbat Jack it is.”


Long time readers with excellent memories may recall reading the original version here on the blog.  The new draft answers (rather neatly, I think) my own question.  All of the art is done, except for the illustration(s) for these lines, which will probably be the back cover, and the front cover.  Which is waiting to discover what exactly the back cover will look like, and also for me to figure out the exact title.

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