best of the drawing of the day, week 161– the new bat

drawingoftheday-week161-the new batI’ve been (mis)using my drawing of the day project for the last week or so,  to create the visuals for a highly experimental minicomic, so it was a real pleasure today to go back to the usual routine. (That, of course, is the routine of doing silly automatic drawings that don’t have any set purpose other than practicing using drawing tools and amusing myself and random blog readers once a week or so.)

This drawing is a representative of the purest kind of drawing of the day, the brushwork “lucky drawing”– no planning, no pencils, no underdrawing, no corrections, just an image built onto a single brushstroke as artistic impulse wills.  The hardest part is knowing where to stop.  In this drawing, the first stroke was the U shape that forms the figure’s lower jaw. The figure, of course, is another of the random winged more-or-less-humans who, along with weird birds and doglike creatures, are the most common inhabitants of the world of the brushwork lucky drawings.  I guess his costume makes him a superhero as well.

(And yes, I’ll show you some of the experimental drawings, too.  Soon.)

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