87afbb3ed9b9e52cca767a5628dfd0b1Sorunku. Sorunku. Sorunku.  This is my new favorite word in the whole wide world, even though I have no idea what it means.  This is a Swedish matchbook label (according to reverse Google image search), so you may be excused for thinking that “sorunku” is the Swedish word for “elephant”.  But it isn’t. (That would be “elefant”.)

In fact, I don’t think “sorunku” is a word in any language. The closest I could come is “sorun”, which is a noun form of the Turkish verb “soru” (to ask), meaning question,  problem or issue. I don’t think anyone has a problem with this lovely elephant matchbook label: it is both elegant and serene.

And the wider question of the word “sorunku” I leave to you.


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