fortune cookie fortunes

For reasons that will become clear eventually, I have been collecting genuine fortune cookie fortunes from off the internet.  Here are a few good ones that I won’t be using in my new story.

  • “Your shoes will make you happy today. “
  • “Sometimes you just have to lie on the floor.”
  • “In case of fire, keep calm, pay bill, and run.”
  • “Your present question marks are going to succeed. “
  • “Someday everything will make perfect sense.”

Well that last one might make it in.  And the rest of them would probably be great in another story, just not the one I happen to be scripting right now.  As a bonus, here’s a fortune cookie fortune I’m going to wedge into it somehow:

  • “You are not a ghost.”
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2 Responses to fortune cookie fortunes

  1. I got one that said, “Your fortune is in your next cookie.”

  2. Pam Bliss says:

    Cool fortune. I found a bunch of the self referential ones on the internet lists, but I’ve never actually gotten one in real life. I personally collect the “learn Chinese” vocabulary words- I have a list of several thousand.

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